The mother of all projects: Bot.e

This is my blog post of out final project, that in my opinion is the mother of all projects! Actually with it we won a government contest of ecologic apps (my mom was so proud!) As Ken and the other students can read in my blog post of useCases, Bot.e is an application that gives free stuff (food, cloth discounts, electronic things) to the good people of this world. In the future (we are working on it) there would be special trash cans were people can throw garbage, and they would display QR codes; this codes would be scanned by the person with his/her smartphone, and in the official app, Bot.e, he or she is going to accumulate points. This points will be interchangeable for discounts and coupons in the stores that are market partners with Bot.e. One person, just for throwing the garbage in the correct place, could win free wings at a restaurant, or 50% discount in cinema tickets, just to mention some examples.

For the purpose of Ken course, we modified our initial code to make it more Objected-Oriented. We coded it in Android Studio, a platform specialized in development of apps for Android phones. The code is written in Java and HTML. In the video I’m going to add to this blog post you can see how we adapted to be the more objected-oriented as possible. We created a lot of objects (although in code everything is an object, so it is redundant), we created a bunch of methods, but instead of calling them as simple functions, we called them from the objects.

Although we changed our project idea almost at the end of the semester, he had a lot of time for developing the new project; we did not  get through a ‘Hackathon week’ as Ken warned us. And for keep writing a bunch of silly stuff, I should better leave the video for everything to watch it.


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