Programming impulse: library assignment

I had a kind of programming impulse, and instead of only doing the library assignment, I worked out the first four programming assignments of the link that Ken sent us. This four assignments are: Gravity Calculator, Foo Corporation, Boston Marathon, and of course the Library assignment.

In the first two I had no problems doing them, and adapting them to the most possible Objected Oriented path I could. The problems started in the Marathon program, and not because it was a difficult task, but I tried really hard to make it Object-Oriented, but I think I fail in this mission. I had a really hard time trying to call a method of an array. I searched in the internet, I searched everywhere, and I couldn’t find the answer of how can I call a method out from an array list. Eclipse kept me displaying the error message that the method didn’t recognize the type array, so I did it old school by only calling out functions without calling methods out of my array list. (not so objected oriented 😦 )

Finally I get to the library assignment. This was a challenge. First I had no idea of what to do, but after a couple of hours of analyzing it (and doing other stuff) I began to more less have an idea of what was the path I needed to follow. When I was almost finished, I found out two mistakes: the title of my movie wasn’t showing correctly, and the method borrowed didn’t really work. That’s why I searched in my classmates blogs, and found Miguel’s blog of the task. In his blog I found the answer to my mistakes, and I finally finished the library assignment!

Unfortunately my Egit in Eclipse decided to sleep in the most important moment because it was not working, and I could not push my code to GitHub, but here I leave screenshots of my codes:

Gravity Calculator






Library assignment




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