James Gosling deserves a kiss.. but not from me


The last WSQ of this semester! :’) And to close with a flourish, we had this interview in Triangulation episode 245 to James Gosling. He is nothing more, nothing less than the creator of JAVA. How I hate that guy! Just kidding guys. In my personal view he is the inventor of the most important, the most recognized, and the most worldwide known programming language of the world.

James Gosling said that in college he spent ‘endless’ hours in the computer center’s library, and that’s the way he learned to code. The important thing here is that he mentioned the word ‘library’. This means that he needed to read a lot of books that teach him how in hell he was going to be able to code. Ken’s way of teaching is pretty much in the same path. Ken has said to us that he could give us a bunch of coding assignments for us to spent time making them, but the real knowledge of object-oriented programming is in the books, in the blog posts of other people, in the videos of ‘coding professionals’. This is how I learned to give my codes the most objected-oriented path as possible, by reading and understanding all the complex concepts of OOP (encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, etc).

Finally I’ll kept with Leo’s phrase “they were going out to smoke in the back, and you were going to write code”. This is my philosophy in life: at the end, everybody will receive what they deserve. James Gosling may had been a nerd or ‘teto’, but instead of following everybody else examples, he knew what his goals were, and he chased them until he reached them. Now he is famous, and he is going to be remembered as one of the best programmers in the history; while all the other assholes bad students may not be even remembered for any good action in their lives.


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